A magically simple real-time outbound interface platform for JDE that is easy to install and limitlessly powerful in what it can offer

There are plenty of inbound interface options for JDE, both built-in and external, but all available outbound options are extremely convoluted with scores of additional servers and components and huge labour-intensive setup processes, all with high costs. This solution really leaves no other choice.

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Need to call any external REST or SOAP servers (= consume external webservices) from JDE? Copy files, run commands, send messages? - the sky is the limit, this solution can do it all. Just let us know your exact requirements and if it cannot do it already, we can rapidly add the necessary capabilities.

Of course the possible capabilities are not limited to consiming external WEB Services - REST or SOAP and in terms of additional flexibility, this solution will allow user programming, so that complex interfaces can be easily developed using the existing framework and codebase.

E-mail, file copy, any local or remote API calls, with possible links to SMS, FAX, automation, etc. - anything at all can be done using this solution!

All JDE releases running on any platform.
Please tell us your requirements. We can provide more details upon application.

OutSmart4JDE Server OS: Either MS Windows - Any Version/Edition, or Linux - Version 7 and up. On these two platforms, a local installation is supported directly on the target Enterprise Server.
JDE OS: Any platform.
CPU: Any Intel or AMD CPU for the OutSmart4JDE server
JDE Releases: All Releases

This solution is licensed Per Computer/Server