Systems Management tools

Our powerful tools will save you time and offer new capabilities

CNC tasks are often very tedious and any help here is always most welcome. Good work can never be done without the proper tools. Take advantage!

The typical saving areas covered by our products include:

  1. Achieve the same results with fewer resources, because of the higher productivity delivered by our tools.
  2. Achieve the same results sooner, by boosting the efficiency with the power of our tools.
  3. Extended functionality means that there will be no need to manually work around any roadblocks in the standard software, many easy shortcuts offered by our solutions will deliver the desired results immediately.
  4. Reduced risks means that there will be no need for any extra expenses down the road, to fix some unforeseen problems caused by trivial manual mistakes.

Tools in this category

  • Printing JDE PDF reports and e-mailing them are probably the most frequent user tasks. This solution easily automates them both, plus adds an e-mail list distribution capabilities, all configurable down to the Version. A huge time saver for your Users! - AUTOPRINT
  • Bring E1 Page design into the 21st century with this graphical design tool! - E1 Page Designer
  • Upgrade, edit, export, compare and reorganize JDE menus easily! - JDE Menu Studio
  • Automate WEB Server Cache Resets with this command-line tool. This is particularly useful during any periods of high development activity, when the menus, user defined codes and even the data dictionary items may be changing more often then the servers are routinely restarted. - JDE WEB Server Cache Reset
  • Save 99% of time necessary to change the Print Queue name overrides in Versions. Bulk-updates any number of Versions with a single click, plus can also toggle some Version flags at the same time. - Update Queue Names In Versions