Documentation tools

Our powerful tools will save you a lot of time and offer new reporting capabilities

It is generally good business to create and keep any kind of site and system documentation. Such documentation can save weeks of frustration when something that used to work no longer does. Some documentation can even be legally required in many legislations, i.e.: US SOX rules may require some of these reports to be created and kept for future reference. Good work can never be done without the proper tools. Take advantage!

JDE tends to hide many settings and then saving them all in a readable format becomes very difficult or impractical. Some examples are: Processing Options, Data Selections, Queue overrides at the Version level, Order Activity Rules, any ER code, etc.

These powerful tools will solve such reporting issues and produce easily readable reports in a variety of formats in minutes. Intelligently self-configuring and with extremely user-friendly interfaces, these tools require no consulting to install, no configuration changes and no user training, immediately delivering results out of the box.

The typical saving areas covered by our products include:

  1. Achieve the same results with fewer staff, because of the higher productivity delivered by our tools.
  2. Achieve the same results sooner, by boosting the staff efficiency with the power of our tools.
  3. Extended functionality means that there will be no need to manually work around any roadblocks in the standard software, many easy shortcuts offered by our solutions will deliver the desired results immediately.
  4. Reduced risks means that there will either be no need for any extra expenses down the road, to fix some unforeseen problems caused by trivial manual mistakes, or that our solutions will help you fix any such issues much quicker.

Tools in this category

  • Report Version Data Selections in a very readable, color-coded XLS format. Indispensable when known Versions begin to produce unexpected results, or during Upgrades, when new Versions need to be created in the new JDE installation with the same selections as in the old system. - Data Selection Commander
  • JDE Table/View data browser on steroids: quick, user-friendly, can use two types of JDE access, buil-in grouping, sorting, aggregating of data, table structure reporting, expanded UDC descriptions, short or long column names, built-in reporting engine, powerful export capabilities. Simple ad-hoc reporting cannot be any easier than when using this tool. - eXtreme Table Browser
  • Easy Media Object Attachment manipulation - read, write or convert. OLE attachment support. 3 different sets of programmatic interfaces for any taste. This solution brings back easy access to any attached documents, so that they can now be printed along with the data they are attached to. - One Attachment Manager
  • Extract any JDE code into readable, well formatted text files. These exported files can become an invaluable part of your site documentation, particularly necessary during any upgrades. This tool offers much more than just code export, it is primarily designed for developers and will double the development productivity and improve code quality at the same time. This solution will deliver most spectacular savings to any JDE site with any development requirements - the bigger requirements, the bigger are the savings, through making all and any lookups necessary during development fast and easy. - OneAssist
  • Report Version Processing Options in a very readable, color-coded XLS, PDF, CSV or HTML format. Indispensable when known Versions begin to produce unexpected results, or during Upgrades, when new Versions need to be created in the new JDE installation with the same options as in the old system. - Processing Option Commander
  • Report Version Print Queue Name Overrides, or change them with a click of a button! Indispensable during Upgrades, when the Queue Names change from the old system to the new one. It can also bind selected groups of Versions to specific Queues in seconds, which is often necessary for jobs that cannot be executed in parallel. - Update Queue Names In Versions
  • Report Versions with any Overrides, including ER Overrides. Indispensable during Upgrades, because such Versions would very probably not Upgrade correctly. Such Overrides may also have security implications, adding to the value of this tool. - Version Overrides