JDE SSO and USM Bundle

Automate both the password management & the sign-on together

Our SSO & USM solutions are both rather unique in many ways, offer many benefits and deliver significant synergy when used together.

Instant savings on consulting and IT Support expenses and improved user's productivity. Highly secure and more robust than any other approach.

  • Product Brief
This product is a bundle of our best-selling security solutions for JDE

1) JDE SSO (Single Sign-On) - JDE SSO


2) JDE User Password Self-Management - JDE USM

The main benefit of having these two products working integrated side by side, is that the users who may sometimes need to know their JDE passwords to access JDE manually outside of SSO (i.e.: run a Fat Client or any third-party software with integration into JDE) will be able to also use USM to reset their passwords and have the new passwords e-mailed to them, while still being able to use SSO for most normal tasks.

The other benefit is of course the built-in 10% discount.