Table Export XML

An easy way to export JDE table data into XML

Fast and free, this simple tool will export whole JDE tables into JDE-standard XML formatted files, which can be Imported back into any other (compatible) JDE system with the standard R98403XB UBE.

Current version: 1.0

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Powerful, yet simple, this is a GUI tool:

The usage is self-evident, the GUI is intuitive, but the underlying configuration in JDE is only going to be simple for true CNC initiates, so if you run into any errors, you will need to find a good CNC consultant to set it up for you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any free support or training.

You must have JDE Fat/Development Client pre-installed, configured and fully functional on the local machine.

The user must be a member of the local "Administrators" group on their machine in order to use this tool.

The underlying JDE functionality was first delivered by Oracle in TR898, so no earlier TR's are supported.

The BSFN that uses this functionality may not exist in JDE releases prior to E900, but it can be created (or imported) as a "custom" BSFN into earlier releases quite easily - contact us if your system does not have it (this BSFN was first delivered in the Planner ESU for E900, but it can be copied into any release from E810 and up if needed).

If you require any variations of this functionality, i.e.: command-line interface, import, cross-DSN copy, grouping the tables by the DSN, specifying the source DSN for the table(s), exporting BSVW's, etc. - please contact us and we should be able to create any necessary modifications for you on a commercial basis very quickly.

OS: MS Windows (x32 or x64)
OS Versions: 2003 and up
OS Editions: Workstation or Server, excluding Home Edition
CPU: Intel or AMD (x32 or x64)
JDE Releases: E810 and up, with TR8.98 and up (the BSFN was first delivered in the Planner ESU for E900, but it can be copied into any release from E810 and up if needed), including E920
Client Machine Software Requirements: requires pre-existing functional JDE Fat Client installation
Client Machine Hardware Requirements: has no particular requirements above JDE Fat Client MTR's

This software is FREE.
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