JDE Security tools

Our powerful tools will save your Users time and offer new capabilities

Eliminating security risks. Regulatory compliance. Savings on consulting requirements. Better user productivity. Good work can never be done without the proper tools. Take advantage!

Security usually means slower and more cumbersome access to the system for the end users. Except that in this case you can have a more secure and at the same time easier and faster access to your system. It can't be any better than this!

Our revolutionary SSO solution is absolutely unparalleled in every respect, it is very unlike any other SSO solution on the market. It can be installed and configured in a day without the need for any consulting or JDE configuration changes, plus it is more flexible and offers smoother access to JDE than any other approach, saving you time and money on every user sign-on.

The typical saving areas covered by our products include:

  1. Achieve the same results with fewer resources, because of the higher productivity delivered by our tools.
  2. Achieve the same results sooner, by boosting the system efficiency with the power of our tools.
  3. Extended functionality: there will be no need to manually work around any roadblocks in the standard software, many easy shortcuts offered by our solutions will deliver the desired results immediately.
  4. Reduced risks: there will be no need for any extra expenses down the road, to fix some unforeseen problems caused by trivial manual mistakes or by malicious users.

Tools in this category

  • Automate user sign-ons - this alone can both boost your user' productivity and save your IT support a lot of time. Promptless sign-on into JDE with the extra flexibility and added features that can be deployed in hours and needs no JDE configuration changes! - JDE SSO
  • Automate user password management - allow the users to reset their own JDE passwords in a highly secure fashion. This will instantly eliminate much of the usual in such cases lost time to your user', plus also save your IT support a lot of time. It can be deployed in hours and needs no JDE configuration changes! - JDE USM