User Productivity tools

Our powerful tools will save your users a lot of time and offer new services

Frustrated users don't work very well. Smoothing out any hindrances and allowing the users to do their work efficiently is the road to success. Good work can never be done without the proper tools. Take advantage!

History of enterprise shows us how typical company population changed from one technological revolution to another: factory floor worker numbers first went down with the industrial revolution, then again and again with the invent of conveyers and automated manufacturing lines, the accountant and typist numbers were drastically reduced with the invent of computers and only the IT crowds seem to never grow any smaller. The obvious solution of throwing more software tools to make IT management easier never delivered on its promise: this software also needs looking after and so it has simply rearranged the IT staff without reducing their numbers. Our software is different in that it does not need to be managed, our tools require no consulting to either install or operate them, they are so intuitive that they require no user training and so they begin to deliver savings immediately out of the box. The software revolution we have all been expecting for so long is now!

These powerful tools will let the users do their jobs better. Without compromise.

The typical saving areas covered by our products include:

  1. Achieve the same results with fewer staff, because of the higher productivity delivered by our tools.
  2. Achieve the same results sooner, by boosting the staff efficiency with the power of our tools.
  3. Extended functionality means that there will be no need to manually work around any roadblocks in the standard software, many easy shortcuts offered by our solutions will deliver the desired results immediately.
  4. Reduced risks means that there will either be no need for any extra expenses down the road, to fix some unforeseen problems caused by trivial manual mistakes, or that our solutions will help you fix any such issues much quicker.

Tools in this category

  • Printing Media Object Attachments (Text and Files/Images) in JDE after/from UBE reports is an important capability for many sites. Standard JDE does not have anything for it, sadly. This solution adds this capability to JDE. A huge time saver for your Users if lists of Attachments need to be printed for Reports. - EverMOPrint
  • Printing JDE PDF reports and e-mailing them are probably the most frequent user tasks. This solution easily automates them both, plus adds an e-mail list distribution capabilities, all configurable down to the Version. A huge time saver for your Users! - AUTOPRINT
  • Automate user sign-ons - this alone can both boost your user' productivity and save your IT support a lot of time. Promptless sign-on into JDE with the extra flexibility and added features that can be deployed in hours and needs no JDE configuration changes! - JDE SSO
  • Automate user password management - allow the users to reset their own JDE passwords in a highly secure fashion. This will instantly eliminate much of the usual in such cases lost time to your user', plus also save your IT support a lot of time. It can be deployed in hours and needs no JDE configuration changes! - JDE USM