Save up to 50% of all your development effort

An absolutely indispensable aid for every JDE Developer: it makes any necessary Object & DD lookups practically instant, no wasted time going back to OMW, finding an Object, Adding it to Project, Opening it for Design. Instead, instantly drill down from APPL ER to BSFN, to its DSTR and to its DD Items, from UBE to its Version List, to PO DSTR, etc. Lookup table structures, script Function calls, UBE submissions & data reads. Export ER into readable, well formatted text files. A lot of extra help, every step of the way!

Current version: 6.2

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This multi-purpose tool will help you:
  1. Create detailed documentation for your custom and customized Objects - fast and easy.
  2. Speed up the development process by providing fast, comprehensive access to EnterpriseOne® / OneWorld® object information with drill-down capabilities.
  3. Use the JDE code documentation in text format as a powerful replacement for Cross Reference: text files are easy to search, giving you immediate access to code once located.
No longer be bound by the limitations of Object Management Workbench. OneAssist gives access to the information you need, right when you need it and in an easy-to-read & search text format.

The incredible usefulness and the resulting high popularity of this solution are obvious and many JDE sites are purchasing dozens of Licenses to empower all of their Developers.
EnterpriseOne®/OneWorld® development tools are there to develop software and OneAssist is ready to make this process as effective and productive as possible.

Switch to OneAssist today and make your development experience a lot more enjoyable!

OneAssist excels at these tasks:
  1. Documenting EnterpriseOne/OneWorld objects. This documentation can also be used to compare JDE Objects between different systems, releases or pathcodes, ot to search - as an alternative for Cross Reference;
  2. Finding the object information you need out of EnterpriseOne/OneWorld quickly and intuitively with drill-down capabilities; and
  3. Execute E1Script, a powerful scripting language, that can be used for testing, i.e.: to quickly test a BSFN or submit a Batch Program, as well as for automating tasks in JDE.

Examples of what OneAssist can help you with:
  1. Show what P9801 does
  2. Show what the NER AddressBookMasterMBF does
  3. Show the indices in F0101
  4. Find which business views contain F0101
  5. Find which tables contain the data dictionary item DDJ
  6. Show what the TERMEMP workflow does
  7. Find which business functions get an address book phone number

Examples of what E1Script can do:
  1. Write re-usable test scripts for business functions
  2. Quickly test business functions to see what different parameters do
  3. Test reports (including passing report interconnect values)
  4. Export data to Excel
  5. Supported Objects Include
    1. Applications
    2. Business Function Libraries
    3. Business Functions (both NER and 'C')
    4. Business Views
    5. Data Dictionary Items
    6. Data Structures (including processing option templates)
    7. Generic Text
    8. Menus
    9. Tables
    10. Reports
    11. UDCs
    12. Versions
    13. Workflow

OS: MS Windows (x32 or x64)
OS Versions: 2000, 2003/Vista, 2008/Windows 7
OS Editions: Workstation or Server, excluding Home Edition
CPU: Intel or AMD (x32 or x64)
System Type: Physical (preferred) or Virtual (please mention this to us when purchasing, because of the licensing differences)
JDE Releases: XE (B7333), ERP8 (B7334), B9 (E1 8.9), E810, E811 (including E811 SP1), E812, E900, E910, E920
JDE Tools Releases (pre-Unicode): SP16 onwards inclusive
JDE Tools Releases (Unicode): TR891 - TR92 inclusive
JDE Backend Hardware Platforms: hardware-independent - all platforms supported by JDE are supported
JDE Backend Database Platforms: DB-independent - all platforms supported by JDE are supported
Client Machine Software Requirements: requires pre-existing functional JDE Fat Client installation (including any necessary DB connectivity clients)
Client Machine Hardware Requirements: has no requirements above JDE Fat Client MTR's, but will benefit from additional capacity

  • I wish to let your know that we have been using your tools with great success. These tools have reduced our development time by almost a third.

    Thanks again.
  • I'm in OneAssist all day long as I do development. It's really a great tool that has saved me a tremendous amount of time.
  • This tool is a real find and a time saver.
  • OneAssist improved my productivity, but I couldn't come up with a precise figure. However if I try, it would be more than 30%, somewhere around 50%.
This software is licensed Per Named User with a software key.

The optional Yearly Update/Upgrade Subscription is available at the time of purchase (not available separately) for an additional yearly fee. It is payable in advance per license, per year. It includes premium support and all software updates released during the paid period. Its cost is calculated as 20% of the product's list price at the time of invoicing, as may change from time to time. Unless the software is purchased for a single use application, we generally recommend to opt in for this Subscription: any future JDE Tools Releases and Releases/Updates may require an updated version of this solution and it's generally more cost-efficient compared to one-off Upgrades.