JDE Cloud Control

Bring cloud computing to users' desktops

The flexibility and improved collaboration capabilities of clouds, combined with reduced costs and better productivity are the very powerful drivers. Savings on MS Excel license fees alone can be astronomical.

Current version: 2.0

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Embrace the Cloud and save on licensing costs, while also improving your users' productivity & reducing their collaboration overheads!

The standard JDE WEB Grid Import/Export feature is a familiar function, supplied with the base software, but it only supports MS Office and offers support for neither Google Apps, nor Open Office.

This software solution offers the interfaces to both Google Apps and/or Open Office, as wel as maintaining MS Office support at the same level as in the standard software.

The benefits are obvious:

 - Open Office is free


 - Google Apps allows instant transparent sharing of the documents (and also has a free version) + cloud storage, so that your documents are available from anywhere in the world.

Consequently, there are considerable licensing fee savings with the Open Office and/or the free version of Google Apps, as well as improved collaboration capabilities of Google Apps instant sharing.

This control offers full support for 64-bit Internet Explorer, which the standard control does not have. Combined with the fact that the "MS Office" mode in our control is free, you can have the standard functionality in 64-bits at no extra cost. Only the Google Apps & OpenOffice functionality needs to be licensed.

We have also substantially improved on the JDE plugin installation process, offering a self-installing MSI package, which can be ditributed to the target computers with ease through the policies. (EXE installer is also available)
The Export screen with the replacement control visible:

Browser: MS Internet Explorer v.7 and up (x32 or x64)
OS: MS Windows (x32 or x64)
OS Versions: 2000, 2003/Vista, 2008/Windows 7
OS Editions: Workstation or Server, including Home Edition
CPU: Intel or AMD (x32 or x64)
System Type: Physical or Virtual
JDE Releases: XE (B7333), ERP8 (B7334), B9 (E1 8.9), E810, E811 (including E811 SP1), E812, E900, E910
JDE Tools Releases (pre-Unicode): SP16 onwards inclusive
JDE Tools Releases (Unicode): TR891 - TR910 inclusive
JDE Backend Hardware Platforms: hardware-independent - all platforms supported by JDE are supported
JDE Backend Database and WEB Platforms: DB- and WEB-Server-independent - all platforms supported by JDE are supported

This software is licensed with our new AD-based licensing approach. The licenses are installed and maintained directly in AD.

This licensing essentially works as "Per Named Windows User". It is sold in 100 user packs.

Licensing is only required for Google Apps & Oracle Open Office modes, the standard MS Office mode is always enabled - it is free.
Without licensing, the Google Apps & Oracle Open Office modes are available for a time limited trial.

Computers that are not members of any Windows Domains (aka "Standalone" in Microsoft terminology, this has no bearing on the edition of JDE used on these computers) do not require any licensing, so all modes are available at no cost.

The optional Yearly Update/Upgrade Subscription is available at the time of purchase (not available separately) for an additional yearly fee. It is payable in advance per license, per year. It includes premium support and all software updates released during the paid period. Its cost is calculated as 20% of the product's list price at the time of invoicing, as may change from time to time. Unless the software is purchased for a single use application, we generally recommend to opt in for this Subscription: any future JDE Tools Releases and Releases/Updates may require an updated version of this solution and it's generally more cost-efficient compared to one-off Upgrades.
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