Give your developers full control

This solution eliminates all and any restrictions on what can or cannot be done with any JDE Objects. With full access to all underlying XML specs, "impossible" is no longer in the vocabulary: change BSVW, TBLE, or even DD in an existing Object, lookup and edit any property, bulk-change any numbers of any specs, including mass-changing Data Selections or Processing Options. Unleash the full unrestricted power of JDE Development.

Current version: 1.7

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Very often, a need arises to make some specific changes to JDE Objects with no standard way to do it. Many properties, settings and assignments are done by JDE at the time the objects are created and then if there's a need to change any of them, the standard answer is to re-develop them all from scratch. This solution puts an end to this paradigm and opens up plethora of unheard of possibilities. Everything is achievable now!

This tool will pay off with just a couple of such changes: the alternative is always many weeks of tedious re-development work.

In some specific instances, this solution can actually save man-years of work: when a 3rd party software package needs to be Validated by Oracle, they would typically assign this product a new system code, but with no way to easily rename all affected objects and any references to them, this is a truly daunting task that would inevitably take many months of work for many developers. Imagine being able to achieve the same results with a single developer in only days?
A free-hand JDE SPEC's editor is finally here! With our XMLinSPECtor, the sky's the limit: any JDE specs can be read, extracted, imported back or manipulated in any way "in-situ":

Some more apparent uses of this tool:

1) Bulk-updating Data Selections and/or Processing Options in selected Versions;

2) Changing internal references, like the BSVW names in existing NER, APPL & UBE Objects;

3) Documentation and learning aid - you can see the specs in their entirety, save them as a means of backup or for record;

4) Copying blocks of specs - code or variables, etc. across different Objects and even Object types;

5) Unlimited search capabilities: finding a needle in a haystack has never been easier;

6) Finding those pesky AN8 items in APPL's with Next Numbering still enabled;

7) Table / View structure reports, finding where DD Items are used and so on and on and on...

Nothing can be easier!

OS: MS Windows (x32 or x64)
OS Versions: 2000, 2003/Vista, 2008/Windows 7
OS Editions: Workstation or Server, including Home Edition
CPU: Intel or AMD (x32 or x64)
System Type: Physical or Virtual
JDE Releases: all releases with XML specs - E812, E900, E910, E920
JDE Tools Releases (Unicode): TR891 onwards
JDE Backend Hardware Platforms: hardware-independent - all platforms supported by JDE are supported
JDE Backend Database Platforms: DB-Server-independent - all platforms supported by JDE are supported
JDE Client: a functional JDE Fat/Dev Client is required

This software is licensed with our new AD-based licensing approach. The licenses are installed and maintained directly in AD.

This licensing essentially works as "Per Named Windows User".

The optional Yearly Update/Upgrade Subscription is available at the time of purchase (not available separately) for an additional yearly fee. It is payable in advance per license, per year. It includes premium support and all software updates released during the paid period. Its cost is calculated as 20% of the product's list price at the time of invoicing, as may change from time to time. Unless the software is purchased for a single use application, we generally recommend to opt in for this Subscription: any future JDE Tools Releases and Releases/Updates may require an updated version of this solution and it's generally more cost-efficient compared to one-off Upgrades.
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