Boomerang + Processing Option Commander + Data Selection Commander + Update Queue Names In Versions

Boomerang Upgrade Suite

The Ultimate Upgrade Suite for JDE

Upgrade in only a fraction of the time

>Boomerang is Oracle® Validated Integration for JD Edwards® EnterpriseOne® 9.2

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A collection of our top-selling products for JDE with a specific focus on helping you Upgrade.

Each of these 4 tools will save you time, effort and money, making the Upgrade easier and quicker.

The benefits you realize by using all of these tools together will be even greater, than when they are employed individually, because of the intrinsic synergy between these tools advanced features.
This suite includes 1 license of each of the following 5 products, please visit their respective pages for more details:

If your Upgrade plans involve more than a couple of days of Development effort, please look at our tools for development as well: many of them can save you a lot of time, making your Upgrade shorter and easier.

OS: MS Windows (x32 or x64)
OS Versions: 2003/XP - 2012/Windows 10/
OS Editions: Workstation or Server, excluding Home Edition
CPU: Intel or AMD (x32 or x64)
System Type: Physical (preferred) or Virtual (please mention this to us when purchasing, because of the licensing differences)
JDE Releases: XE (B7333), ERP8 (B7334), B9 (E1 8.9), E810, E811 (including E811 SP1), E812, E900, E910, E920
JDE Tools Releases (pre-Unicode): SP16 - SP25 inclusive
JDE Tools Releases (Unicode): TR891 - TR920 inclusive
JDE Backend Hardware Platforms: hardware-independent - all platforms supported by JDE are supported
JDE Backend Database Platforms: DB-independent - all platforms supported by JDE are supported
Client Machine Software Requirements: requires pre-existing functional JDE Fat Client installation (including any necessary DB connectivity clients)
Client Machine Hardware Requirements: has no requirements above JDE Fat Client MTR's, but may benefit from more RAM

This suite is licensed with a hardware dongle, usually a USB flash drive, which needs to be physically plugged into the client computer for the software to operate.

This licensing essentially works "as a book", or "one user at a time" and so it can be any user and in any computer.

Boomerang implements a mechanism that allows it to be used remotely over "single-hop" Remote Desktop Sharing (or Terminal Server or Citrix) connections, other tools do not.

The dedicated USB flash memory stick can also be mounted in Virtual Machines, if convenient.

No installation is necessary to use the software - it can be copied to and executed directly from the USB disk, or from any other directory on the target computer.